Taking Control of Weight Loss

Part 1

Hello, and thanks for reading. I have put this guide together over a period of many months, and I’m making it free to access on my blog for anyone to read and share. You are more than welcome to share this information with friends and family.

The guide is currently a work in progress with something like 30 parts already planned, and probably many more to come. As new information and insights become available I’ll be updating the relevant sections.

First of all I need to be clear that I am not a doctor, and I am not trained in nutrition in any way. The information that I’m sharing here has been thoroughly researched, and I believe it to be true. I am building on the information and teachings of others, the many hundreds of studies that have been conducted that provide insight into how our body functions (or does not function).

Where possible I have linked to other sources of information and given credit to my sources. If you read a section and think, “Hey that sounds like something that ____ wrote, or podcasted or whatever,” then please let me know so I can properly credit the source.

This guide is specifically for people that are very overweight and are suitably motivated to do something about it. If you are looking to lose relatively small amounts of weight, or are already within healthy weight ranges then this guide is not specifically for you – although some sections may prove useful.

I have also tried to use a very straight-forward language that everyone can understand, and hopefully even people that don’t have a mastery of English can make use of it. If it’s helpful, please think of this guide as a conversation between you and me, where I’m explaining a few things I’ve learnt.

You should be reading this guide on my blog at lawrie.org – if you are not, then quite possibly you don’t have the full and latest version

When you’re ready, continue on to Part 2 – Calories In and Calories Out