Dead Simple Excel Label Template (for thermal printers)

This very basic Excel document has a cell that is set to be the only region that prints, that can be easily resized and previewed to suit your own needs.

Image Overlay

This tool will be helpful if you would like to easily add graphics to images on platforms such as eBay and Etsy. It adds an item to the right-click menu, adds a header and footer image to the selected image file and saves the result to the desktop. Download the zip file and have a look. It requires ImageMagick to be installed on Windows already.

MyPost Business Buddy v1.02

This is a Chrome web browser extension that is intended for users of the Australia Post “MyPost Business” website. The extension adds better sensible defaults when adding and importing orders, allows for .csv downloading of previous orders, and shows an indication of current spend in the current discount band.

This extension is available on the Chrome Web Store for download.